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Making Finance Work for Women & Underserved in the Global South – Impact Entrepreneur

Empowering women is imperative to the global community and economy if we want to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) by 2030. Time and time again, it has been proven that investing in women and empowering women-focused enterprises is the key to achieving sustainable development. Although organizations and companies in both the private and public sectors as well as governments are taking active steps to improve the financial inclusion of women, we are very far from the finish line. Women continue to be the majority of unbanked adults (56%), women also continue to earn less on average than men even in developed countries and women-led enterprises receive less funding than those led by their male counterparts. The global COVID-19 pandemic has furthered this gap and affected women, especially those from developing countries in a disproportionate manner.

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“It’s not just looking at women”: Expanding the gender lens – Probono Australia

Applying a diverse gender lens to philanthropy and investing offers a critical solution to achieving equality, but impact washing is dampening its effect.

At our current rate of progress, it will take 132 years to close the global gender gap, which means we will be halfway through the 22nd century before we experience an equal society.

The World Economic Forum’s 2022 Global Gender Gap Report also found that despite more substantial improvements made in areas of health, survival and education, closing the gap in economic participation and opportunity is still significantly out of reach for many women across the world.

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21 women shaping, driving, and financing the global sustainability agenda – Reuters Events Markets

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Reuters Events are proud to announce our 2023 line-up of women working to change the world of finance to better serve people and planet, inspiring the next generation of female leaders. 

When it comes to high-level discussions on climate, studies show that women are significantly less likely than men to get a seat at the table.*

Occupying a marginalised position in the world of governance, women often shoulder the burden of climate inaction more than their male counterparts in society, with research indicating that climate disasters disproportionately affect female populations by acting as a ‘threat multiplier’ for existing gender-specific vulnerabilities.**

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Women’s Day: Celebrating 100 Female Sustainability Leaders – Illuminem

On International Women’s Day, at illuminem we are proud to celebrate 100 inspiring female leaders who promote sustainability and the fight against climate change across the world.

Our editorial list is composed of 5 honorable mentions, each making a difference in a special way:

  • Thought Leaders
  • Future Thought Leaders
  • Policymakers
  • Activists & Advocates
  • Social Media Top Voices

Please help us congratulate our great female Leaders! Please join us to celebrate all women!

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IP Success Stories of Capital Raising – Sehat Kahani

With an aim of employing 50,000 women doctors and healthcare workers by 2030, Sehat Kahani democratizes medical care by providing access to affordable telemedicine solutions and connecting the untapped pool of female Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) certified doctors to underserved patients.

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IWD 23: investing in women – ANZ

Supporting initiatives like Impact Investment Exchange’s (IIX) Women’s Livelihood Bond (WLB) series – including the recently released ‘orange bond’ – is about more than using capital in a socially-responsible manner, according to ANZ MD, Institutional Australia & PNG, Tammy Medard. It’s also just good business.

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