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“The world is undoubtedly changing – growing and expanding to see diverse voices come to life and light. After years of channeling my ‘defiant optimist’ mindset, the incredible family at IIX, now 120-member strong, stands with me, breaking barriers and pushing frontiers at the forefront of a progressive financial system. Together, we are building innovative financial mechanisms, catalyzing capital markets, and cultivating an inclusive and climate-safe financial system that works for everybody.”

Durreen Shahnaz
CEO and Founder of IIX


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Overview of
Our Impact in 2023

In 2023, IIX continued to transform the lives of women and girls by empowering them to build resilient communities globally. Our initiatives this year have been pivotal in driving sustainable growth and inclusivity.

Mobilizing Capital

IIX’s financing initiatives have been instrumental in empowering underserved enterprises through impact-driven investment strategies.

  • Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 2
    Successfully matured with no defaults

  • Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 3 to 5
    Continue to make regular payments and create last-mile impact

  • Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 6
    Oversubscribed and priced at US$100 million, making it the world’s largest Orange Bond to date

2023 Impact Partners facilitated investments include

Clean Energy
~750,000+ lives impacted
95% employees are women
21,497 tons of CO2 saved

raised  in capital via IIX Impact Partners™ in 2023 from Bettervest

8.1M lives impacted
90%  employees are women

US$225.000 and US$756,000
raised in capital via IIX Impact Partners™ in 2023 and 2021 respectively

2,500+ lives impacted
50% employees and managers are women

raised in capital via IIX Impact Partners™ in 2024 from Incofin (global impact Investment fund, HQ in Belgium)

Mainstreaming Data

IIX has furthered data-driven empowerment, providing tools and insights for investors, policymakers, and enterprises to measure and enhance impact. 

  • Research and Advisory
    Contributed strategic advisory services shaping policy and empowering communities through Regional Orange Alliances and Orange Capital Advisory.

  • IIX Values™
    Offered benchmarks and insights integral to our regional and sector-specific strategies.

  • IIX Impact Institute™
    Launched the Orange Bond Verifier Training program and the Impact Investment Readiness Vietnam Training Program.

Embarking the Orange Journey

The Orange Movement™, launched in late 2022, aligns with SDG 5 – Gender Equality, while also catalyzing climate action, resilience, and peace. The Movement reaffirms IIX’s commitment to empowering women, girls, and gender minorities – with each initiative representing a stride towards a more inclusive financial system.

Orange Ecosystem KV

The Orange Ecosystem

Human Capital at IIX

Our internal commitment to inclusivity and growth remains steadfast, with a workforce spread across 17 countries, embodying our PREM values—Passionate, Resilient, Equitable, Maverick.

With 70+ employees across 17 countries worldwide, IIX continuously diversifies and fosters our talent pool using PREM framework — Passionate, Resilient, Equitable, Maverick — and maintains high employee engagement in 2023.

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