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Durreen Shahnaz – Asia Society

As a young girl in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Durreen Shahnaz would watch as the men in her family left home to go pray at the mosque. The women often stayed behind to feed beggars outside their home. “We didn’t have much,” Shahnaz remembers. “It was a post-war nation ravished with famine, but we all had to do our part. It was important for us not just give something to others but also to help them stand on their feet.”

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Asia Society Announces 2016 Asia Game Changers

Asia Society today announced the 2016 Asia Game Changers, recognizing those making a transformative and positive difference for the future of Asia and the world.

This year’s nine honorees include a doctor who has restored sight to thousands of patients, a young activist who is bringing education to her fellow Syrian refugees, a pioneer in social impact investment in Asia, and two musicians who are using art to heal their war-torn nations. Iconic architect I.M. Pei, a mentor to scores of American and Chinese architects alike, will receive the first Asia Game Changer Lifetime Achievement Award. Read More

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