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PHL’s social enterprise, 5 others in Asia feted for ‘brewing ‘peace’ – Business Mirror

EVEN small-scale businesses can make a big different in society as shown in the recent success of six winning enterprises across Asia, including the Philippines, feted in the inaugural IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge 2015. Read More

Winning Impact Enterprises of IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge celebrated for building peace across Asia

22 October 2015 –The inaugural IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge has concluded with six winning Impact Enterprises across Asia, celebrated for building peace through innovative businesses in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines.

The six winning enterprises demonstrate a wide range of positive social impact, from generating sustainable livelihoods and fair-trade agriculture, to leveraging mobile technology that delivers access to basic healthcare and renewable energy, amongst other ripple benefits to the communities. By achieving these positive social returns, they have shown that business, innovation and technology are critical aspects in building peace and sustainable development.

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