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IIX and SEAS announce joint efforts to promote the growth of Social Enterprises within Energy sector of Asia Pacific

October 22, 2012

Press Release


Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) and the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) solidifying joint efforts to promote the Social Enterprise (SE) space among the sustainable energy sector. This is a significant step forward in continuing both organizations’ goals of creating more inclusive energy access to the millions currently in Asia without dependable sustainable energy options.

In Asia today, over 700 million people are still without access to electricity and almost two billion people still burn wood, dung, and crop waste to cook and heat their homes. With energy demand projected to double by 2030 in Asia Pacific, much of it driven by developing economies, the time is now in advocating innovative and clean energy solutions that are reliable, accessible and affordable. IIX believes that SEs – innovative organizations that employ market-based solutions to address social and environmental challenges—are part of the solution.

The MOU between IIX and SEAS covers two major components: mutual advocacy and greater knowledge integration. IIX and SEAS will work together to mutually promote one another’s work to its main constituency bases: SEs and organizations active in the sustainable energy sector, respectively. In addition, IIX and SEAS will refer qualifying enterprises to one another. This is a concerted effort to pool more resources and actors with common goals towards finding innovative and effective solutions to a more sustainable and energy-efficient Asia.

The MOU will also encourage greater knowledge sharing between the two parties through various capacity-building workshops, enabling sustainable energy enterprises to showcase its positive social and environmental effects to investors. “There is a big role for IIX and SEAS to play in emphasizing a renewable energy company’s positive social and environmental impact just as prominently as its financial returns. Our combined efforts will bring to the forefront these companies’ contribution to a more energy-efficient and green Asia,” shares Mr. Robert Kraybill, Managing Director of IIX.

In the effort to create immediate traction, IIX and SEAS look forward to collaborating on a series of outreach events in the coming year to drive more knowledge within the sustainable energy community about the power of SEs in providing energy solutions for the poor and underserved as well as champion the role members of the energy sector can play in the socio-environmental development of the communities they work in. 

SEAS, which provides a common platform for companies in the Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Carbon Trading, and Clean Development sectors, is well poised to promote the concept of Social Entrepreneurship to the clean energy sector and to encourage more companies to emphasize their social and environmental impact. “This collaborative relationship with IIX will not only further SEAS involvements to support energy access regionally but also be complemented by the support received from the Energy for All Partnership programme co-Chaired by the Asian Development Bank and SEAS to target electrification of 100 million new connects and capacity building for entrepreneurs in Asia. We, along with our regional strategic partners, look forward to working with IIX to address the issues of energy poverty alleviation through this new found collaboration” said Mr. Edwin Khew, Chairman of SEAS. 


About IIX:

IIX is revolutionizing the way the world looks at sustainable economic development in Asia through the creation of social capital markets. It is creating the platforms, products and ecosystem development to connect socially and environmentally mission-driven enterprises with impact investors. IIX operates Impact Partners, Asia’s first private placement platform dedicates to investments for social enterprises. IIX will launch its public investment platform, Impact Exchange in Winter 2012.

About SEAS:

The Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), represents the interests and provides a common platform for companies in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Carbon Development and Trading, and Financial Institutions to meet, discuss, collaborate and undertake viable projects together. The Association extends its focus to include Capacity Building, Technology Strengthening and Market Intelligence assisting its members in achieving Sustainable Growth locally and regionally via enterprise development, market development, training and learning platforms.

SEAS plays a strategic role in aiding the realisation of Singapore’s vision, to be a Global Clean Energy Hub where products and innovative solutions are developed, adopted and exported. SEAS has also built strategic relations with regional clean energy industry organisations, multilaterals and key government institutions enabling collaboration opportunities for its members.


For a pdf copy of the press release, please click here.


Contact Information:

For media inquiries, please contact Lina Tang at +65 6221 7051 or or Mr. Yatin Premchand at 9147 9575 or 

IIX’s Legal Advisor on “Why Impact Investing is the next corporate innovator”

October 18, 2012
By: Ashley Lee of International Financial Law Review
Why impact investing is the next corporate innovator

Oxfam’s £1 billion loan to Mongolia’s Xac Leasing blurs the line between private equity funds and not-for-profit organisations.

The transaction highlights the growing trend of impact investments, or utilising private equity strategies for investments focused on the greater good. It also signals environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues becoming more important for private equity funds.

However both trends raise questions about the for-profit and non-profit status of companies, and may signal the introduction of new corporate structures.

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IIX & Shujog Featured in ADB Article on “Social Economy for Poor Communities”

October 17, 2012
By Asian Development Bank:
Social Economy for Poor Communities:

Social enterprises play a vital role in addressing social and environmental challenges in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

With a significant number of people living in extreme poverty in Asia and the Pacific, social enterprises, i.e., organizations that pursue social goals through commercial strategies, serve as a vital link to narrow the gap in the region’s income disparity.

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How to do good and triple returns

IIX Director and Head of Investor Team En Lee is in Prestige Magazine’s “40 under 40” and talks about impact investing. Click here to read the article.

IIX highlighted in Rockefeller trip to Singapore

Dr. Judith Rodin’s visit to Singapore and leadership of the Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) panel on impact investing has been highlighted by The Rockefeller Foundation. Click here to read the press release.

BBC News also covered the event, interviewing Dr. Rodin about how investors “can help meet the world’s needs” and the role IIX can play. More information about the interview can be found here.

Videos of comments by IIX Founder & Chairperson Prof. Durreen Shahnaz and Rockefeller Foundation President Dr. Judith Rodin are available online.

RF_IIX_Durreen from gyneth tan on Vimeo.

RF_IIX_Dr_Rodin from gyneth tan on Vimeo.


The video of the panel discussion will be hosted online soon.  For immediate enquiries, please email

IIX announces successful close of seed capital investment in BagoSphere, led by Small World Group Incubator

September 26, 2012

Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) announced today that it successfully facilitated the seed capital round of funding for BagoSphere Pte. Ltd, a pioneering vocational training social enterprise that provides affordable and effective training programs catered to rural, low-income youths in the Philippines. The transaction closed through IIX’s Impact Incubator and Impact Partners platforms with four strategic investors. Law firm Clifford Chance provided pro bono legal support to BagoSphere for the transaction. The investment comes in the form of a convertible note and will fund start up costs and the establishment and operation of a training center in Bago City, Philippines.

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New Report on the State of Social Enterprises in India now available

IIX’s sister company, Shujog has a new report up!  As part of its Asian Development Bank (ADB) Regional Technical Assistance (RETA), Shujog is proud to share the newest report on the State of Social Enterprises in India.  Shujog served as a research consultant for the ADB to undertake the work for the report.  Access the full report here

Interviews at the Impact Forum

Delegates of the Impact Forum talk about their experience at the Forum and how they think the space is moving in Asia.

More funding options available to social enterprises

By Sim Ping Khuan

SINGAPORE : A growing variety of funding options are now available to social enterprises.

In Singapore, these businesses with social missions are now getting easier access to bank loans with preferential rates and other funding options.

Since starting four years ago, Singapore-based Adrenalin Events and Education has been committed to employing the disadvantaged.

About 30 per cent of the the firm’s staff either have physical challenges or are youths from disadvantaged social backgrounds.

The social enterprise has been on the lookout for funding options to balance its social mission and grow its business.

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Rebel with a cause.

Read Durreen Shahnaz’s exclusive interview with Her World Magazine.