IIX Anniversary, women empowerment


“13 has always been my lucky number. We take a moment to be thankful for another glorious year as we are energized by the continued support from our leadership, extended families, partners, associates, and community to connect the backstreets to Wall Street.”

 –  Prof. Durreen Shanaz, CEO and Founder of IIX


13 years ago today, IIX was founded with the goal of creating an inclusive financial system where women, the environment, and the disadvantaged are valued and given a voice. We stay firmly committed to this goal and will do everything within our power to help make this happen.

Below are some of our most memorable moments from the last 13 years. As we look back, we would like to thank our employees, partners, investors, customers, supporters, and followers, who believe in what we are working so hard to accomplish. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to an exciting future.