Our Vision

To achieve sustainable peace, we must address the root causes of inequality and injustice in the world today that lead to conflict. We believe that peace must be built by valuing and empowering everyone – especially those excluded from existing systems – to be a part of the solution for a sustainable future.


Innovative Finance for Sustainable Peace Initiative

Read the pledge delivered at the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations.

Women’s Health Initiative

Empowering women to take health into their own hands and give voice to how health care is delivered and how health outcomes are measured.

Women, Peace and Parity: Speech at Wharton San Francisco

In celebration of UN Day, IIX held a gathering on 24 October in San Francisco. Read the opening speech here.

Who We Are

We are defiant optimists transforming the world through a new approach to sustainable peace. We do this by innovating solutions to three key areas:

Empowering Women

Driving Climate Action

Building Community Resilience

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