LEARN MORE 2023 IMPACT REPORT Driving Collaborative Impact
Delve into our latest Impact Report to explore our achievements in 2023.
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LEARN MORE Strategies for Incorporating Social Responsibility into Your Organization
Dive into the “S” in ESG and bring a focus on social equity and justice to your organization S in ESG:
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Explore the role of IIX Intelligence™ in empowering MSMEs and driving informed decision-making

Impact Investment Exchange

We are pioneers in impact investing and global leaders in sustainability, transforming the financial system to empower women, the environment, and underserved communities in the global market. By 2030, our mission is to create a billion sustainable livelihoods through impact investing.

What We Do

We cover the entire sustainable investing spectrum, offering diverse products and platforms to attract capital and equity from investors. Our dedication includes fostering inclusive businesses, measuring tangible real-world impact, providing advisory services, and tailoring solutions to meet your sustainability objectives. Additionally, we bridge knowledge gaps through educational and research initiatives.

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Discover new social and financial growth opportunities within our portfolio of bonds, equity, and funds.

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Access funding solutions customized to scale your impact.


Utilize our data-driven tech platforms to identify, measure, and analyze your social and environmental impact.


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Impact Report 2023: Driving Collaborative Impact

Explore our latest Impact Report to delve into our achievements from 2023. Each milestone has contributed to the impact investing ecosystem, from the launch of the Orange Movement ™ to the pricing of the Women’s Livelihood Bond ™ 6.

Experience Our Latest Innovation: IIX Intelligence™

Explore the transformative impact of IIX Intelligence™, a pivotal global hub bridging data gaps for sustainable MSMEs across diverse sectors in the Global South, empowering informed decisions to propel sustainable finance.

Drive Impact as an Orange Bond Verifier

Start your transformative journey in gender-lens investing as an Approved Orange Bond Verifier. Gain expertise in Orange Bond Principles™, consult on bond issuances, and promote inclusion through sustainable bonds, all led by industry experts.

Strategies for Incorporating Social Responsibility into Your Organization

Dive into the “S” in ESG and bring a focus on social equity and justice to your organization. Learn more about how you can increase your organization’s performance while also gaining positive financial returns.

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Our Impact

160M+ direct and household lives positively impacted

US$500 million investment capital unlocked

1.9 million metric tons of CO2 avoided

Spanning across 60 countries