Impact Exchange

Impact Exchange is the world’s first Social Stock Exchange
dedicated to connecting impact enterprises
with capital that reflects values.

Why Invest?

Mission Driven Investments

Investing in social change enables you to harmonize social and environmental impact with long-term financial goals, and simultaneously support organizations that reflect your values.

Social ROI

Social Return on Investment reveals the economic value of an organization’s social and environmental outcomes. It offers investors the ability to determine the value of impact created for every dollar invested.

Be Connected through Impact Exchange


Access and exposure to potential investors:

We have a global and diverse audience of accredited impact investors looking to invest in the Asia-Pacific region.


Increased credibility:

All Entrepreneurs undergo a stringent screening process to assess the sustainability and scale of their impact, which leads to added credibility with investors.


Diverse sources of capital:

Flexibility to raise equity, debt or other forms of capital from a diverse range of investors including accredited high net worth individuals, family offices and impact investment funds.


Business support:

Receive guidance and support in finalizing key investor documents and in deal facilitation.