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We have conducted over 150 Impact Assessments, covering all strategic sectors and 13 geographies.

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Impact Assessment helps you magnify your impact.

We help you measure and monitor the positive social-environmental impact you are creating, so you can craft a stronger impact story that customers, funders, and partners can understand and connect with.

Why Value Your Impact with IIX?

Magnify Your Impact

Impact Assessment tools makes it easy to measure and manage your positive social-environmental impact. We provide detailed projection metrics and data collection tools as well as recommendations, to help you magnify your (portfolio) company’s social and environmental performance.

Enhance Transparency and Accountability

Demonstrate stronger accountability to stakeholders and funders with a crystal clear breakdown on the whats and hows of your (portfolio’s) impact. IIX incorporates industry accredited tools, such as the Social Return on Investment* approach and IRIS indicators**, and is a member of Social Value International and Impact Management Project (IMP).

Attract Customers, Funders and Partners

Leverage credible and easily understood impact footprint to deepen your connection with existing and potential stakeholders. Strengthen capital raising opportunities with (impact) investors who value social and environmental returns alongside profit.

*SROI (Social Return on Investment): A measure of how much social and environmental impact (in dollar figures) is created for every dollar invested into this program.

**IRIS (Impact Reporting and Investment Standards): A common set of indicators used by impact investing professionals to describe an organization’s social, environmental and financial performance.

Hear from These Entrepreneurs


We feel very grateful about working with the Assessment team on the GRAISEA. What an experience!

Working with the Assessment team at the field visit brought us many precious knowledge and experiences to continue to do the impact by our own in the future.

Viet Trang

The Assessment team employed a well-recognized framework – one that involved Theory of Change – to help us engage higher-level stakeholders. This was important in identifying gaps in service delivery and helped form the basis of design for new programs.

The assessment was conducted professionally. Shujog helped to customise a questionnaire that will come in useful for the purpose of tracking future improvements. In addition, the qualitative responses of service users were helpful in sharing our stories to laymen.

Melissa Tan, Equestrian Federation of Singapore

We are really enjoying the partnership with IIX and hope that we can keep making progress. We see a lot of value in the relationship, well beyond potential finance.

Our team in Simeulue really enjoyed spending the time with IIX, and we were impressed with the materials they produced. I understand there might be a bit of fine tuning to be done with regard to metrics and measurement approach, but on the whole we felt IIX did an outstanding job of presenting our impact story. Thank you!

Jane Dunlop, General Manager of PT Green Enterprises Indonesia

Thanks to the Impact Assessment report, TraceVerified was selected as one of 30 startups for SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator in Helsinki in November 2015.

The Assessment team conducted independent Impact Assessment of TraceVerified during September-October 2015. As part of the Impact Assessment, the team met and interviewed with farmers, food producers, government agencies supporting farmers and agriculture in Vietnam, conducted intensive market research, as basis for formulating Theory of Change specifically for the case of TraceVerified.

We thoroughly appreciated the professionalism, objectivity and supportive attitude of the Assessment team throughout the assignment. They engaged TraceVerified team from the beginning of the project and spent a lot of time walking us through the concept formulation, data validation and analysis process. They also helped to develop template and coached our team, so that after this exercise, we will be able to update the Impact Assessment report periodically by ourselves, using their method and templates. This capacity building perspective of the Impact Assessment is highly beneficial to our team. Additionally, they networked us with the investment private placement platform IIX for more impact investment opportunities.

In 2016, TraceVerified was invited by ADB to share experience working with agriculture value chains to facilitate cross-border agrifood trade in the Greater Mekong Sector.

Đậu Thúy Hà, TraceVerified

I’ve never felt so thrilled to see what we carried out in the past few months finally come to fruition. All this would not be possible without the guidance and advice offered by you and your team.

Dick Lim, Founder of Foodabox

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