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Seeding Women Empowerment in South and Southeast Asia

The purpose of the IIX Growth Fund™ (IGF) is to seed women’s empowerment through the strategic deployment of equity and debt finance to enterprises advancing women’s empowerment in all business capacities. By employing debt finance to grow these entities, IIX promotes the development of an ecosystem of women-focused enterprises. Beyond women’s empowerment, this development can ultimately leverage other sustainable finance products to continue fueling their growth and impact by accessing the global capital markets.

Filling the Gender Funding Gap

Women-focused SMEs have historically received less funding than their peers, especially in South and Southeast Asia. In this region, women control a majority of household buying and represent majority of the workforce, but are often overlooked in the business, finance, and investment space, further undermining women’s empowerment in the Global South. Many women-focused SMEs are brimming with innovative business models addressing critical UN SDGs issues such as energy access, food security, climate change, healthcare, education, and inequality. The IIX Growth Fund strategically deploys capital to support the growth of these entities, filling the funding gap and accelerating women’s empowerment in the region.

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IGF invests in women-focused SMEs in the early growth and scale-up stages to promote women’s empowerment. Investments may take the form of equity, quasi-equity, or debt. IGF provides active post-investment financial support to portfolio companies. All assets include pre-agreed social or environmental impact targets. Impact considerations will inform the Fund’s decisions throughout – from investment selection to exit.


IGF is strategically well-placed to leverage IIX’s track record in capital placement and investment advisory in the impact sector including a unique proprietary impact enterprise pipeline, strong local networks in its target countries, experience in evaluating and assessing impact, and deep relationships with large VC / PE funds/family offices and institutions in the region.

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